My Girl

My new girlfriend is the sexiest girlfriend that I have ever had. She works for an elite London escorts and I love her to bits. The problem is that most of my friends have not met my girlfriend as yet. She works long hours for the London escorts agency that she works for and it is not easy to make sure that she gets around to meeting my friends. I think that it is a problem a lot of guys have who’s girlfriends work for a London escorts agency.

So far, I have only told my friends that I have a new girlfriend. Needless to say, they are very curious about her. In the past I have always brought my girlfriends along to nights outs with my friends. But, thanks to my girlfriend’s work for London escorts it is not easy to find the time. She normally has the weekend off from London escorts. That is great but that is when I want to spend personal time with her and not really hook up with my mates.

I have taken lots of photos of my girlfriend. She looks really sexy in all of the photos and I am sure that my friends would be impressed. But, would they believe me? Before I started to date my London escorts girlfriend, I used to date girls who were kind of run-of-the-mill. None of my previous girlfriends looked as hot as my current girlfriend. I would love for them to meet her, but I also worry. What if they found out that she worked for a London escorts service? I am not sure what I would say to them.

As my friends are dying to find out more about my girlfriend, I thought that I would set up a night out for all of us. Of course, the moment I walk into the room with my girlfriend, they will realise that there is something special about her. Fortunately, my girlfriend does not mind others knowing that she works for a London escorts agency. But, at the same time, I think I would rather not that my friends found out. I am not sure what they would think about her or how their girlfriends would react to knowing that my girlfriend is a London escort.

I have not really said very much about girlfriend at all. A couple of my friends have started to tease me and say that this woman of my dreams is probably just that – a dream or a figment of my imagination. It is not going to be easy, and I think when my friends meet my girlfriend, they are not going to believe that she is really my girlfriend. They are probably going to think that she works for a London escorts agency. But, I think that I will keep that to myself and it will always be our personal little secret. She is a sexy girl and some days I have to pinch myself.

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