Tips For Amazing Oral Sex

Oral sex is an excellent part of sexual pleasure. Regardless of who is pleasuring who, the aim is to bring about the best possible feeling. Escorts, like those that work at Charlotte Action Escorts, are especially talented at oral pleasure. They are definitely worth a try. Below are some different ways to enjoy oral sex.


Kissing the genitalia of your partner is a way of having oral sex, particularly the sensitive spots. The lower side of the tip of a penis in a man is the most sensitive point on his genitalia, equivalent to a clitoris in females. So, you should focus your attention on kissing either the clitoris or the tip of the penis to offer a pleasurable and intense experience.

Kissing the genitalia is as simple as usual kissing. You just need to purse the lips together and give the genitalia of your partner some pecks. You can also open your lips a little and squeeze your partner’s nether regions between them. Another oral sex kissing technique involves gently running your lips, with saliva on them, over the clitoris or the tip of the penis of your partner.


Sucking the genitalia of your partner is another way you can do oral sex. This technique can be tiring, but powerful. Obviously, you don’t suck to get the cum out of your partner, that is impossible! Instead, you take a few inches of your partner’s genitalia into your mouth and wrap your lips around it to stimulate a sensational feeling.

Next, you are going to suck it softly. The sucking makes you’re the inside of your mouth and the lips to slide gently against the sensitive points of the cock and vagina. When performing this, you can put your partner’s parts in and out of the mouth to increase the pleasure.
There isn’t any technique in this oral sex method other than putting the genitals of your partner in and out of your mouth.


Licking the genitalia of your adult partner is another powerful oral sex technique, especially when starting the process. It acts a kind of foreplay during oral sex to create sexual tension between partners and having them begging each other to put their organs in each other’s mouths.

Performing some licking is effortless. You just need to go down to your partner’s genitalia and start licking. However, you should concentrate on the most sensitive parts of the genitalia using the least pressure possible to stimulate an orgasm. The upper side of your tongue offers the greatest stimulation. You can try out the above methods of having oral sex to experience a sexual session full of pleasure.…